How Your Business Can Benefit from a Professional Writer

You thought of everything. The right SaaS solution for your financials, a solid insurance policy. Office space? Check. You even have a rockstar assistant, and the coolest logo you’ve ever seen from that guy on Fiverr.

From IT guy to office cleaner, new and growing environmental businesses need so many things but one often overlooked member of your team that you can’t do without is a freelance writer.

Here’s Why:


You’ve got a million ideas in your head about what you want your readers to know, and you could probably crank that out. If you had the time, or patience. Writers are communicators. They can take the painfully complex and make them easy to understand for your readers, for consistency and for compliance.

They can take your ideas and run with them. They can speak for you, and once you build a relationship with that writer, they can think for you too.

One of my freelance clients has told me more than once about how I can take his ideas and really build them out, almost as if I am in his head. That’s what a good writer can do for you.


You thought you could keep up with the blog, write the 20 emails on your list, pull together your marketing pack. After all, you did well in English, and you got the semi-colon thing down. And honestly, because you have so many other things to pay for, you want to save where you can.

Let’s face it though. That blog’s been sitting there since last October, when your last entry consumed your entire afternoon, as you illustrated the finer points of seeking out an environmental engineer and the massive amount of detail work a Phase I environmental  assessment entails.

Marketing writing is important stuff that needs to get done, but do you really have the time to do it? And if you do, will you give it your best, or just do it to get it done?


I see it a lot. To cut costs, many businesses will handle their communications themselves to save on the bottom line, or pass their blog off to an already busy soil specialist or biologist.

As a business owner, I get it. Why pay when you can do it yourself, or hand it off to someone already on the payroll for free?

Whether it’s in your paycheck or someone else’s, your business is still paying for that writing, and often times the blog will get done in lieu of some other more specialized, and mission critical task.

However, you wouldn’t hire a bear handler to manage your internet security, and you wouldn’t hire a chef to manage your office. Why would you leave your writing to just anyone, when a writer can do it better and faster?


From your bios, over to your About Us page, right down to your twitter posts, what you plaster up on your site and your blog is all your potential clients see. That means if you just threw something up on your web page rife with spelling errors and incomplete sentences, that is what your customers are judging you on.

It pays to spend the time and energy on making your online reputation shine.

Hands down, your dollars go further when you hire a writer to do the writing.  Reach out!  I can help you get the words out online and in print.

Make sure what they see is your best side!

Top 3 Ways Environmental Companies See Growth from Their Site Blog

An environmental company’s online presence can be overwhelming to maintain – especially during the months where your company sees the most business, depending on the time of year.

With advertising, current projects, mountains of paperwork, assessments, compliance schedules, and networking, these companies and consultants have too much on their plates.

To-do lists are even more complicated with the growing need for online presence.

It just isn’t enough anymore to have a website because there’s a sea of other environmental companies pushing for the same clients you are – and increasing numbers of them have blogs.

But that isn’t the only reason you need one…

Blogging Pre-qualifies Your Clients

I’ve contracted with the Forest Service and small businesses long enough to know that because there are only 24 hours in day, you need to work smarter, not harder.

 If you do a blog the right way, your presence online will passively pre-qualify the companies and individuals who are looking for your unique environmental services.

When your blog focuses on your niche, you authentically differentiate yourself from the other companies in your local area. Your dream clients can find you faster and easier through posts that show them through genuinely valuable content, that your company offers the environmental expertise and services that they need, for the right fit.

So, when you post about things that are of real value to your specific market – whether you do mitigation, conservation, planning, permitting or compliance, the right people can find you quickly.

Valuable content saves you time:

  • Shave hours from your initial consults by offering pre-qualifying tools and tips before you meet.
  • Save your teams phone time by providing valuable content and resources your clients can access from your website.
  • You don’t have to explain what you do – your readers already know.
  • Shorten your sales funnel process. Through strong content, examples in proof, and enough solid takeaways for your readers, credibility has already been established through the value you’ve delivered already.

Blog Advertising Dollars Go Further

Because your blog has longevity, a one-time post offers continual returns in the form of leads now, a year from now, and well into the future.

Look at what you read. Some posts, especially about current events, are very recent. But for researching topics that have more staying power, those could be from a month ago, a year a ago, and in a lot of cases, much, much longer.

In fact, 1 in 10 blog posts are compounding, meaning organic search increases their traffic over time. (HubSpot, 2016) (Source:

 Blogging is a great way to make your marketing dollars stretch further.

When think about that one post in terms of how little time or money you spent to have it written once, and see how great a return it provides you now and in the future, you can consider that money saved.

Blogs Generate Networking Opportunities

Here’s how a powerful environmental blog works:

A potential client with commercial property in need of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment to perform their due diligence. Their process begins with a Google search on say, Portland Environmental Consulting, as a first step in their process to locate the right kind of environmental company.

You have a post on your blog from a month ago, or even last year that speaks on what commercial properties need to assess for sustainability and compliance. In your post, you offer some helpful questions they should ask themselves, and things to think about prior to picking up the phone.

Consider that 94% of online readers share blog content because they think it will be useful to others, (source: and your networking opportunities just grew exponentially without your having to do a single thing.

A solid, well-done blog not only polishes your online image, it offers networking opportunities.

Over time, if your blog is regularly tended to, with high-quality, original content, you can position yourself as an authority with Google. That bodes well for your site in terms of being found, and visited, online.

Environmental consulting and services is a highly competitive business, and you have enough to do.

If you haven’t kept up with your blog lately, you are missing out on a powerful marketing tool that, over time, will help you to work smarter, not harder.

Help your clients find you.

For boosting your online brand, and enhancing your environmental expertise, I can help.

Drop a line. Let’s build a strategy to boost your online presence and offer your potential clients a bright window into your expertise.